Silvia Bächli Schriften zur Sammlung des Museums für Moderne Kunst

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Edited by: Rolf Lauter German, English 1995, 80 Pages, 62 Ills. Softcover 240mm x 170mm
ISBN: 978-3-89322-760-0

Since its opening in 1991, the Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt has pursued the goal of making its collection accessible to a broader public in a series of publications devoted to individual works, work groups and installations by international artists of the period 1960-1990. In this volume, Stefanie Hauer focuses on the visual language of Sylvia Bächli in her essay on a group of 49 previously unpublished drawings by the Swiss artist. Produced in co-operation with Sylvia Bächli, the publication presents these works as full-page plates.