Jan Fabre Der Leimrutenmann

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Edited by: Johann-Karl Schmidt Texts by: Bart de Baere, Germano Celant, Donald Kuspit u.a. German, English 1995, 224 Pages, 112 Ills. Clothbound 265mm x 200mm
ISBN: 978-3-89322-751-8

The artist, theatre, ballet and opera director Jan Fabre is regarded as an innovative multi-talent. He seemingly crosses the borders of different artistic discipline without effort, wipes them away as if they never existed. Nonetheless, his works never miss their mark: art. This bilingual volume presents Jan Fabre, who was born in Belgium in 1958 and portrays himself as a "lime- twig man," as an artist without reducing him to it. At the focus of the contributions by prominent authors are his drawings in "bic blue" tracing the path of an insect, drawings of overgrown wire sculptures of jewellry bugs and his graphic and mounted new creations made of dead insect bodies.