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Giulio Paolini
Von heute bis gestern
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Edited by: Dr. Christa Steinle, Peter Weibel
Texts by: Chiara Bertola, Germano Celant, Giulio Paolini u.a.
German, Italian
April 1998 , 368 Pages
285mm x 215mm
ISBN: 978-3-8932-2357-2
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This volume presents a selection of Paolini's most significant works over the last 35 years. Paolini is known above all as an exponent of Arte Povera and this volume focuses on his main areas of interest in multi-media forms and on the complexity of his aesthetics, giving a more differentiated and preciser portrait of the artist than is possible within the usual art historical constraints. Since 1960 Paolini has advocated ?the Move Away from Painting,? that is, creating works that go beyond problems of form and content, concentrating instead on the complex realm of image, view, observer and space. His work deals with the experience of seeing art, where the experience itself becomes art: as an ?exhibitions-artist? (Oskar Bätschmann) Paolini is one of the new breed of artists whose exhibitions examine the question of exhibitions. The artist becomes the viewer, conveying his feelings as a viewer to the actual viewer. Today this decoding of aesthetic responses is still central to European concept art. The artist: Giulio Paolini, born 1940 in Genua. Studied stage design until 1960, before studying painting and collage. 1970: first photography. 1967: participates in the first exhibition of Arte Povera in Genua. Publishes philosophical and critical essays. Lives in Turin.
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