Tom Levine Bilder und Zeichnungen

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Edited by: Städtische Galerie Würzburg, Dr. Marlene Lauter German, English November 1997, 80 Pages, 37 Ills. Hardcover 296mm x 242mm
ISBN: 978-3-89322-339-8

One over the other, Tom Levine applies his paints layer by layer in his paintings, condensing them to form fine veils of color. Light hues, often subtle nuances of grey, predominate, blurring the artist's vividly colored ground. Forms crystallise out of the layers of color, shapes readable as representations yet not as images of objects: angular forms that call to mind an open book or an element of architecture, window shapes or faceted stones. A prominent characteristic of Tom Levine's art is his cumulative approach to composition. His paintings are often composed of several distinct canvases - tableaux which, as the American artist himself says, pose the possibilities of both intimacy and great size. The book presents Tom Levine's paintings, drawings and sketchbooks, the work of an artist who has developed his own unique repertoire of forms and colors as an outgrowth of his concern with American Abstract Expressionism. The artist: Tom Levine , born 1945 in Cincinnati, Ohio; studied art in Oxford, Ohio and Cincinnati; has lived and work as a freelance artist in New York since 1974.