Crossing Borders The Kaldewey Press, New York

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Author: Mindell Dubansky, Monica J. Strauss English August 1997, 120 Pages, 110 Ills. Hardcover 301mm x 167mm
ISBN: 978-3-89322-322-0

Year after year, connoisseurs seek out the precious little stand at the Frankfurt International Book Fair, where they reverently examine the newest leather-bound books issued by Kaldewey Press. Since its founding by "dropout" Gunnar Kaldewey in a rural setting in upstate New York in 1985, the Press has published 38 books in limited editions of from 20 to 60 copies, some of them written, illustrated and designed by Kaldewey himself, others featuring essays by well-known authors and published in cooperation with artists such as Jonathan Lasker, Richard Tuttle or Hans Peter Willberg. Summers in Poestenkill are spent planning and printing, even making paper by hand. Most of the highly unique bindings are designed by experts like Christian Zwang or Jean de Gonet, among the best in the field of modern bookbinding. All of the leather-bound books issued to date are bibliographically documented and illustrated in the present volume. The articles, that of Monica J. Strauss on the work of the Press and Mindell Dubansky's essay on the bindings, make excellent reading and bear witness to Kaldewey's commitment (rare in these times) to producing books that are both modern and beautiful.