Bruce Nauman Der wahre Künstler

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Texts by: Beatrice von Bismarck German, English 1998, 64 Pages, 39 Ills. Softcover 200mm x 200mm
ISBN: 978-3-89322-291-9

'The Artist is an Amazing Fountain' is the title of a neon work by Bruce Nauman, which he conceived for the window of his studio in 1966. He also created four major graphic and photographic works on the same theme, which humorously document the manner and significance of his working methods in the second half of the sixties. The works Nauman made during this period are characterised by their egocentric concentration on the person of the artist. Nauman used his own body as a motif, as a means of expression, or as the actual end-product of his art. The artist's own body acts as a yardstick for defining various concrete or abstract conditions. In this volume the author explores the relationship of this group of works to the accepted view of the artist and questions the image of the artist that Bruce Nauman creates through these works. The artist: Bruce Nauman, born 1941 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Between 1960 and 1966 studies mathematics, physics, art, music and philosophy. Then teaches at the San Francisco Art Institute and at the University of California in Irvine. Since 1968 has participated five times in the documenta in Kassel. Lives in Pecos/New Mexico.