Hanne Darboven Konstruiert, Literarisch, Musikalisch. The Sculpting of Time

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Texts by: Ingrid Burgbacher German, English 1995, 120 Pages, 44 Ills. Softcover 200mm x 156mm
ISBN: 978-3-89322-271-1

Hanne Darboven, Germany's most prominent Conceptual Artist, has been working for 25 years on the framework of the writing system she uses to create a comprehensive visual image of time, the structure of time and the experience of personal existence as an overwhelming treasure-house of data. On thousands of pages, in "written" drawings, on walls and tables, gathered in binders, countless photographs, "opened" works of music and literature, documents, postcards and objects from her private "chamber of wonders", she permits us to view an expansive personal library of life. In this book, Ingrid Burgbacher explores the labyrinthine complex of Hanne Darboven's work in original texts, commentaries and an interview with the artist. Proceeding from her own experience, she attempts to map out and reconstruct the divergent paths, the progress and the beauty of "mathematical literature and music" in this imposing oeuvre.