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Rebecca Horn
Lumiere en prison dans le ventre de la baleine/Licht gefangen im Bauch des Wales
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Texts by: Rebecca Horn, Jacques Roubaud
Contributions: Hayden Danyl Chisholm
German, English, French
December 2002 , 64 Pages
hardcover with audio-CD
235mm x 175mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-9136-6
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In this book, the works of three exceptional artists who stubbornly refuse to limit themselves in their choices of media and genres are consolidated into an impressive total work of art. Lyrical texts by the French poet and mathematician Jacques Roubaud serve as a basis for the light installations by the German artist Rebecca Horn, and the enclosed CD contains especially composed, congenial sequences by the New Zealand-born jazz musician Hayden Danyl Chisholm, now living in Cologne. In 1997 Jacques Roubaud wrote fifty-three poems for Rebecca Horn. Inspired by this poetry, Rebecca Horn created sculptures of light. Words wander through the dark space, weave through the murkiness, forming an intertwined network, a firmament of text. In a bath of black water the poems reflect each other, dissolving within the waves, and new signs arise. A song in dialog with a whale, composed and performed by Hayden Danyl Chisholm, accompanies these transformations. Exhibition Schedule: Palais de Tokyo, Paris November 28, 2002- January 12, 2003
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