Ulrike Flaig SOUNDCHECK - Installationen

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Texts by: Beat Wyss, Christoph Tannert, Renate Wiehager Edited by: Gesellschaft der Freunde Junger Kunst Baden-Baden e.V., Renate Wiehager, Galerie der Stadt Esslingen, Bahnwärterhaus Graphic Design: Margarethe Hausstätter German, English 2000, 96 Pages, 105 Ills. Softcover 200mm x 154mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-9026-0

In her work complex SOUNDCHECK, Ulrike Flaig presents the viewer with an artist's field of investigation. Her installations feature floodlights, vodka glasses, rifle dummies, nylon stockings, light beams, shadowgraphs, sounds and letters. Some of her works look like rough-hewn shacks or makeshift shelters, others resemble delicate transitory visions dissolving before the viewer's eyes. Change itself, the very state of transition and movement, is an ever recurring theme in Ulrike Flaig's experimental groupings. In these, drawing, photography, film, installation and sound production are an equally valid means to an end. It's where things breathe, flow, blink, reflect, where pictures and sounds are made, that the not-yet-determined may revel in its state of suspense. This deliberate, non-finite quality of Ulrike Flaig's installations serves to generate an evocative pictorial narrative guiding the viewer to the artist's aesthetic vision.