Coverbild Maximilian Prüfer
Maximilian Prüfer
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Texts by: Claire Breukel, Markus Gabriel, Roman Grabner, Alexandra Grimmer
Graphic Design: Alexandra Fuchs, Maximilian Prüfer
German, English
December 2016 , 172 Pages , 0 Ills.
300mm x 255mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4249-8
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| Butterflies, Moths, Insects
Maximilian Prüfer’s (*1986 in Weilheim Obb) works of art are not only highly aesthetic objects, but also real images of a conceptual exploration of the world. He employs a printing process he developed himself, which he calls Naturantypie, which not only allows him to depict the beating wings of butterflies, moths, or wasps, but also the paths of ants or snail tracks. Prüfer’s investigations and the visual worlds he creates, however, are never solely limited to recording the natural, uncontrolled patterns of insect movements. He often guides their way, using traces of scent, bait, and barriers—for instance, as an intruder into ant territory or with the help of light sources that attract moths—making it possible to discern the principle of emergence as a factor in making pictures: previously unseen visual worlds provide entirely new approaches to thought.
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