Hadley Hudson. Persona Models at Home

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Texts by: Michael Gross English November 2016, 128 Pages, 84 Ills. Hardcover 295mm x 226mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4246-7
| An Intimate Look Behind the Fashion World’s Facade

In 2008, the American photographer Hadley Hudson discovered her passion for photographing models within the privacy of their own homes– locations proving much more intimate than the usual studio settings. Hudson was fascinated by how much of the models’ personalities and histories were expressed in their private spaces that ranged from model apartments in New York to long-outgrown childhood bedrooms in Paris and London to squats and squalid flat shares in Berlin and Vienna. Influenced by C. G. Jung’s concept of the persona (Greek for mask), Hudson’s blunt documentary style permits an unobstructed view into the private world of these teenagers who return Hudson’s intimate gaze with tenderness, defiance, uncertainty, and ambition. This photobook offers an exclusive look at the fashion world while deconstructing the industry’s pristine exterior.