Coverbild Mal gut, mehr schlecht.
Mal gut, mehr schlecht.
Nora Klein
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Texts by: Sonja Hartwig
Graphic Design: Saskia Köhler
March 2017 , 136 Pages
305mm x 230mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4229-0
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| When the soul is torn—sensitive insights into the world of depression
“You’re sitting in your apartment, looking at the things around you, and the light keeps growing dimmer; you see less and less, until nothing is left: that’s depression.” An increasing number of people suffer from this mental illness, whose symptoms can vary greatly in strength and therefore remain mysterious, difficult to understand for those around the person suffering. The young photographer Nora Klein (*1984 in Rostock) has discovered a form of expression beyond words that conveys how depressive people experience their illness. She spent eighteen months engaged in trustful exchanges with the afflicted. From these conversations—excerpts of which can be found in the book—arose sensitive portraits, as well as abstract visual imageries, whose immediate, penetrant qualities provide insights into the world of depression. Exhibition: Kunsthaus Erfurt 7.4.–13.4.2017
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