Coverbild Kunst der Moderne (1800-1945) im Städel Museum
Kunst der Moderne (1800-1945) im Städel Museum
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Contributions: Helmut Schmidt, Peter-André Alt, Matthias Döpfner, Wilhelm Genazino, Neo Rauch, Roger Willemsen u.a.
Edited by: Max Hollein, Dr. Felix Krämer
Graphic Design: Peter Schmidt Group
Texts by: Ingo Borges, Dr. Chantal Eschenfelder, Dr. Felix Krämer, Anna Feulner, Anna Fricke, Dr. Nerina Santorius
June 2016 , 320 Pages
270mm x 226mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4161-3
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| The overview of the Städel Museum collection—updated and expanded edition
Complimented by contributions on photography, the Städel Museum’s collection of modern art presents a concentrated and select survey of the development of the history of European painting and sculpture in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The museum houses a number of major works from recent art history, including paintings such as Claude Monet’s The Luncheon, Edgar Degas’s Orchestra Musicians, Pablo Picasso’s Fernande Olivier, Franz Marc’s Dog Lying in the Snow and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s Standing Nude with Hat. In addition to world-renowned masterpieces of Realism, Impressionism, Symbolism, and Expressionism, the collection also particularly thrives on the surprises which lesser-known works outside of the standard canon have to offer. In this expanded and revised edition, around 300 major paintings, sculptures, and photographs are presented, including numerous pieces that have only entered the Städel’s  collection in recent years.
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