Coverbild Olaf Otto Becker-Set
Olaf Otto Becker-Set
Set aus: Broken Line, Above Zero, Under the Nordic Light
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Author: Olaf Otto Becker
German, English
February 2016 , 488 Pages
set of 3 clothbound volumes
347mm x 279mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4117-0
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For over ten years now, Olaf Otto Becker (*1959 in Travemünde, Germany) has traveled the Far North on a search for the first ever image of the primeval landscape, where the eye reaches the limits of familiar vision and nature becomes a mirror of the soul. He observes distinctive geographic features and waits for the ideal light conditions for taking photographs that testify to great clarity, breadth, and concentration. Whether along the coastline or on the Greenland ice sheet, or into Iceland’s most remote regions (Broken Line and Above Zero ), his photographic studies always reveal the overwhelming beauty of these icescapes as well as their existential endangerment. Even here, in these completely uninhabited regions, human influences have fatal consequences: dust and soot in the air form black, crusty deposits that, in conjunction with global warming, accelerate the melting of the ice sheets—with no doubt unavoidable catastrophic consequences.OLAF OTTO BECKER (*1959, Travemünde, Germany) studied communications design in Augsburg, as well as philosophy and political science in Munich. His photographs can be found in exhibits and important collections worldwide. His books with Hatje Cantz include Broken Line (2017), Ilulissat (2017), Reading the Landscape (2014), Under the Nordic Light (2011), and Above Zero (2009). Also available as a special edition with an original print.
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