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Andreas Gefeller
Andreas Gefeller
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Graphic Design: Andreas Gefeller
Texts by: David Campany
German, English
April 2016 , 128 Pages , 0 Ills.
320mm x 294mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4116-3
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| Let there be light: pictures of the end of photography
Andreas Gefeller (*1970 in Düsseldorf) sought the greatest overview as early as in his series Supervisions and The Japan Series. In his most recent photo project, Blank, he initially approaches the earth and presents seductively radiant satellite images of conurbations by night. The images combine technoid strips of light and light grids to become crystalline circuit diagrams of human existence. Apparently zooming in on the radiating centers, the eye finds no halt in the extremely overexposed photographs. Even massive façades and refineries become filigree, almost drawing-like structures on blank white paper, and the contours of container silos or server rooms congeal to become pulsating patterns that are reminiscent of binary codes: the light transforms the photograph’s surface into a borderless and transparent space and becomes a metaphor for a world drowning in sensory stimuli. The boundaries of photography are proverbially dissolved.
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