Hanne Darboven Unbändig

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Contributions: Lawrence Weiner u.a., Carl Andre, Joseph Kosuth, Andreas Osarek, Gert de Vries, Almir Mavignier, Rainer Langhans Author: Verena Berger Graphic Design: Heiko Keinath German 2015, 262 Pages, 69 Ills. Softcover 220mm x 180mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4018-0
| Hanne Darboven, her life and her art

Columns of numbers on typewriter paper—Hanne Darboven (1941–2009) catalogued time. Probably the most important German Conceptual artist, she added, cross-totaled, noted down, recorded. In her hands, written-down moments in time congealed into works of art. The montage-like biography sets out on a search for traces and focuses on a fascinatingly androgynous female figure. Born into an upper-class family in Hamburg, Darboven experienced her artistic awakening in New York in the sixties and ultimately carved out a steep career as an artist. Narrated passages, records of conversations, and interviews with fellow artists such as Lawrence Weiner, Carl Andre, Joseph Kosuth, Kasper König, or Rainer Langhans alternate with one another. This personal perspective not lastly demonstrates her artistic development and enables one to more easily access Darboven’s hermetic oeuvre.