Lyonel Feininger/Alfred Kubin Eine Künstlerfreundschaft

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Edited by: Dr. Ulrich Luckhardt Texts by: Dr. Ulrich Luckhardt, Dr. Eva Michel, Lyonel Feininger, Alfred Kubin, Andreas Geyer, Lisa Gerhardt Graphic Design: Harald Richter German 2015, 312 Pages, 182 Ills. Hardcover 306mm x 231mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3989-4
| A richly illustrated comparison of two divergent artistic approaches

“Of all of the contemporary draftsmen, I admire you the most,” wrote Alfred Kubin on November 25, 1912, in a letter to Lyonel Feininger. After the two had exchanged drawings with one another, they began an intense correspondence. Their letters are being published in this book for the first time, providing profound insight into the minds of Kubin and Feininger.Besides drawings by Feininger from Kubin’s estate, the volume presents an extraordinary selection of drawings and prints by the latter, whose body of work full of dismal symbolism has not lost any of its fascination. Beginning with early drawings by Kubin and commercial caricatures by Feininger, the exhibition traces the artistic paths of two men who corresponded as soul mates yet developed in very different directions: Kubin shifted his attention to the illustration of literary works, while Feininger discovered painting. Exhibition: Internationale Tage, Ingelheim, 24.5.–2.8.2015 | Albertina, Wien/Vienna, 4. 9.2015–10.1.2016