JahrHundertWerk 100 Jahre Standort Sindelfingen

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Edited by: Daimler AG Graphic Design: L2M3 Kommunikationsdesign German Januar 2015, 240 Pages, 316 Ills. Hardcover, 3 marker ribbons 324mm x 272mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3909-2

“Sindelfingen” and “Daimler” are very closely linked. Sindelfingen is known as “Mercedes City” the world over. It was here, in 1915, that the Daimler Motor Company built an airplane factory in the middle of World War I. Within a compound that meanwhile measures nearly three million square meters, one can find not only the plant that produces luxury and top-of-the-line automobiles, but also the research and development department for Mercedes-Benz Cars and other divisions. This three-part volume is the first to present an overview of the development of the overall facility. Useful terms are assembled in a lexicon—from “contact point support team” and “future” to “marriage.”  An extensive series of historical and contemporary photographs provide insight into the everyday operations of numerous divisions. Brief, illustrated texts bring to life the most important milestones in the one-hundred-year history of the facility.