Rebecca Horn The Vertebrae Oracle

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Texts by: Rebecca Horn Graphic Design: Hans Werner Holzwarth English 2014, 164 Pages, 42 Ills. Hardcover 216mm x 171mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3889-7
| The artist’s complete works of poetry from the past forty years

The poet as graphic artist, the painter as author— artists truly endowed with double talents are rare. Al­most always one creative discipline retains the upper hand. Visual artist Rebecca Horn is famous for her performances, films, drawings, retouched photo­graphs, installations, and sculptures. Over a period of two decades she has also produced a body of poetry. This publication brings together for the first time all writings dispersed throughout previously published catalogues and books as well as unknown texts dating from 1972 onwards. Presented in combination with images of her work, the poems vividly convey the re­lationship between her visual and language-based works. The book reveals the rich web of references and allusions that exists between the artist’s texts and visual works, offering unique insights into her world. Not only those who already know and love Horn‘s oeuvre will relish the opportunity to experi­ence her collected poems.
Exhibitions: Sean Kelly Gallery, New York 10.5.–21.6.2014 | Galerie Lelong, Paris Oktober/October 2014