Ars Electronica 2014 ...What It Takes to Change

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Edited by: Hannes Leopoldseder, Christine Schöpf, Gerfried Stocker Graphic Design: Gerhard Kirchschläger English September 2014, 272 Pages, 583 Ills. Softcover 241mm x 165mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3849-1
|The festival catalogue

Knowledge, creativity, ideas: the raw materials of the future. Yet not everyone realizes that these resources cannot just be exploited but must be developed, that investment is necessary for them to bear fruit? Only when we understand and respect the “ecosystem” within which creativity and innovation thrive, only when we supply it with sufficient nourishment, can we as a society hope to reap the benefits. What fos­ters new visions, and which actors are able to create these necessary conditions? What role can art play in such projects of transformation and renewal? Ars Electronica 2014 pursues these questions.