Stefan Heyne Naked LightDie Belichtung des Unendlichen

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Texts by: Markus Gabriel, Gerhard Gamm, Lyle Rexer, Anna Schinzel, Michael Stoeber, Steffen Huck Graphic Design: Heimatstuben Edited by: Dr. Gisbert Porstmann German, English 2014, 128 Pages, 121 Ills. Hardcover 296mm x 248mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3841-5
| Reduced to the max: Stefan Heyne’s abstract photography

The photographs of Stefan Heyne (*1965) are emphatically nonrepresentational. The artist omits elements that generally define a photograph, forgoing the use any identifiable motif. Instead he creates abstract photographs that are honed to perfection by paring his imagery to a blurred play of light and shadows with no indication of form. In his most recent series of works Heyne even avoids the use of soft-focus as an artistic device and emphasizes, in contrast, the high-definition reproduction of perhaps one of the purest motifs of all: the cloudless sky photographed by the artist from the window of an airplane. The color spectra of pure light that are revealed in these images seem blurry and out of focus, but they are not. Heyne thus achieves the most radical degree of abstraction in his work to date. In his photographs the viewer is confronted with an endless depth of space?eternity.