Die Gründung der Albertina Herzog Albert und seine Zeit

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Edited by: Dr. Christian Benedik, Klaus Albrecht Schröder Texts by: Dr. Christian Benedik, Cordula Bischoff, Sandra Hertel, Alois Kernbauer, Krisztina Kulcsár, Luca Leoncini, Wim Oers, Wolfgang Schmale, Rüdiger Wolf, Herbert Zeman Graphic Design: Maria-Anna Friedl German 2014, 328 Pages, 265 Ills. Softcover 300mm x 242mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3824-8
| The history of this famous print collection told in an informative, richly illustrated volume

In 1776 Prince Albert of Saxony, Duke of Teschen, and his consort, Archduchess Maria Christina, laid the foundation for what would become the renowned collection of prints that today bears Albert’s name. The couple’s appreciation for drawings and prints, which they considered on par with painting, was un­usual for the time. Contradicting the predominant conventions of collecting and the traditional hierar­chy of art genres, the ducal couple cultivated a seri­ous interest in the art of their day. In his intention to establish an encyclopedic collection, Albert served as an important patron for contemporary artists of his era. This volume of essays is the first comprehensive look at the eventful life of the founder of the Alberti­na, a biography that unfolded before the backdrop of absolutism, revolution, and the Congress of Vienna. Exhibition: Albertina, Vienna, March 14–June 29, 2014