Robert Longo Stand

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Edited by: Capitain Petzel, Berlin Contributions: Isabelle Graw German, English 2014, 106 Pages, 101 Ills. Hardcover 300mm x 242mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3814-9
| Documentation of an impressive exhibition

STAND was a site-specific installation, which in 2012 activated the architecture of the Capitain Petzel gallery in Berlin. The building was shrouded with an enormous depiction of the American flag in black and white. Upon entering the gallery, the viewer was confronted with a large charcoal drawing, upon which the exterior of the gallery was based. This was flanked by two drawings: one depicting a claustrophobic mass of Occupy Wall Street protesters; the other, a lone American soldier walking towards an uncertain and ominous future. With the consent of the artist, Robert Longo also updated the style and content of Hans Haackes Oelgemaelde, Hommage à Marcel Broodthaers (1982).  for the exhibition, replacing Ronald Reagan opposite a large-scale image of a protest over the deployment of American missiles in Bonn, Germany, with President Obama opposite Tea Party protesters. The rest of the gallery held a group of 25 drawings, a performance based around a complete reading of the classic American novel Moby Dick also took place.