T. J. Wilcox In the Air

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Texts by: Chrissie Iles Contributions: Kirsty Bell Graphic Design: Joseph Logan English April 2015, 80 Pages, 91 Ills. Brocschur 295mm x 230mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3781-4
| New York: from far up and all around—an artist’s critically celebrated ode to the city

In the Air was inspired by the spectacular views of Manhattan from T. J. Wilcox’s studio. Four cameras, shooting one image every second for more than fifteen hours, produced a timelapsefilm of a single day, from dawn to dusk, sped-up to thirty minutes running time. The 360-degree film, projected onto a panoramic screen, immerses audiences in Wilcox’s view. The footage of New York City is interspersed with six short-subject films which draw on New York City’s history, icons, and phenomena, looking at the city in real time and, as the artist has described, across time, simultaneously.