Thorsten Brinkmann La Hütte Royal, 2013 (Special Edition)

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Edited by: Evan Mirapaul Graphic Design: Thorsten Brinkmann Photographs: Thorsten Brinkmann German, English Februar 2014, 20 Pages, 16 Ills. Vintage lp, artist booklet, limited, signed, numb. 314mm x 312mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3757-9

Thorsten Brinkmann calls Kurt Schwitters one of his most important “art heroes.” So naturally, the artist was intrigued by an invitation to convert an entire building into an art project: between 2011 and 2013 he transformed a deserted house in Pittsburgh, decorated in 1970s style, into a total work of art. Over the space of four stories Brinkmann (* 1971 in Herne) created more than dozen new rooms; in some places he took over the ensembles he found there, turning them into readymades. After his intervention, the unusual work of art now features, among other things, a boxing ring, a cinema, many of the artist’s photographic works, and a forest room (including a tent for camping at home), and last, but not least, a Raleigh chopper for Amazons.For this limited and signed set, Brinkmann combines an LP from the abandoned record collection with a booklet that provides a look inside the house.

»Total abgedreht.«

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