Die Drucke von Paul Klee

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Dieses Buch ist leider vergriffen

Texts by: James Thrall Soby, Christophe Cherix Edited by: Museum of Modern Art, New York German 2013, 80 Pages, 40 Ills. 40 prints in clothbound presentation box 330mm x 247mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3690-9
| Limited edition of 500 copies

The works of Paul Klee (1879–1940), the Swiss-born painter, draftsman, printmaker, teacher, and writer, constitute a major contribution to the history of art in the twentieth century. To a much greater extent than his works in any other medium, Klee’s prints demonstrate his evolution from a traditionalist to one of the most daring innovators in modern art. Published by New York’s Museum of Modern Art in 1947 under the aegis of James Thrall Soby (1906–1979), the portfolio with prints by Klee contains forty of his etchings and lithographs, eight of which are in color and stem from the museum’s own collection. Each one is printed on a separate sheet of stiff card and grouped in a ribbon-bound box that also contains an essay by Soby in a separately bound booklet. This unique and luxurious collection is being reissued and printed in a limited edition of five hundred copies in German. An English edition is available from The Museum of Modern Art. (An English edition is available from The Museum of Modern Art).