Siegfried Anzinger

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Edited by: Florian Steininger, Dr. Ingried Brugger Graphic Design: Lars Heller Texts by: Daniela Gregori, Dr. Friedhelm Mennekes, Florian Steininger, Heinrich Theissing, Prof. Dr. Siegfried Gohr German Februar 2014, 176 Pages, 143 Ills. Hardcover 282mm x 239mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3636-7
| Survey of the paintings by the Neo-Fauvist

The Cologne-based artist Siegfried Anzinger (*1953 in Weyer, Upper Austria) is one of the leading representatives of so-called Neue Malerei (New Painting), which lent art a new sense of spontaneity, sensuality, and subjectivity in the early eighties. The subject of his bright, colorful palette is the figure. From vaguely abstract suggestions of bodies and soft lines to detailed scenes bordering on the cartoon and the humorous, the viewer discovers a cornucopia of expressive, painterly forms and motifs: Madonnas with oversized noses, grotesque portrayals of saints, naked women in trees, or episodes from the world of cowboys and Indians. Despite the narrative content, they also always refer to something beyond what is depicted—to painting as painting. Starting with his most recent work, this comprehensive catalogue presents Anzinger’s oeuvre of paintings, drawings, and sculptures. Exhibition schedule: Bank Austria Kunstforum, Vienna, February 13–April 4, 2014