Frank Kunert Wunderland

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Format: Buch (978-3-7757-3583-4)

Edited by: Thilo von Debschitz German, English 2016, 72 Pages, 31 Ills. Half cloth 228mm x 226mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3583-4

Something strange is going on in the photographs by Frank Kunert (*1963 in Frankfurt am Main): the table set for two has been so cleverly built around a corner that neither of the diners has to see the other, yet they can both watch their own television. Frank Kunert (*1963 in Frankfurt am Main) began studying photography in1984 and graduated in 1987. After years of working as an assistant in various photography studios, he went out on his own in 1992. For his illustrated volume, Verkehrte Welt (Topsy-Turvy World, Hatje Cantz) he received the 2009 German Photo Book Silver Medal. Frank Kunert lives in Boppard.
AUSSTELLUNGFrank Kunert. Wunderland Städtische Galerie Offenburg 25.11.–7.4.2024