Nicola Costantino

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Texts by: Carlos Kuri Contributions: Michael Herzog Graphic Design: Alejandro Ros English, Spanish 2013, 218 Pages, 102 Ills. Clothbound 255mm x 206mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3539-1
Images from twenty years of work – on the sensibility of torment

Argentine artist Nicola Costantino (* 1964 in Rosario) achieves in her art what visual arts should do: her sculptures, installations, videos, and photographs catch the eye and alter perception. Because they are predominately rooted in sensation, and not just in concepts, her artworks trigger an immediate, physical reaction. Casts of animal fetuses, molds of human skin, and soaps made with the artist’s own fat build up a tension between ornamentation and revulsion. Her innovation revolves around ethical values and the alienation from nature. Even sexuality is turned into compulsion, flesh, and transmuted bodies, turning everything into an oppressive eroticism. This monograph gives an insight of her works from the past twenty years, complemented by an in-depth conversation with Nicola.