Bettina Khano You May Appear Closer Than You Are

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Graphic Design: Verena Gerlach Texts by: Marc Glöde, Helga Lutz, Annika Reich Foreword: Ulrich Loock German, English 2012, 128 Pages, 103 Ills. Hardcover 247mm x 170mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3391-5

Bettina Khano (*1972) lives in Berlin. In her installations, photographs, and videos, she works with fog, mirrors, dust, and light. Her works revolve around a theme that is as essential as it is incomprehensible: the body in space. How can we prevent the body from becoming an image?Khano works with oxymora and concepts such as dizziness, antigravity, and overexposed lighting. Rather than presenting answers, she presents their dissolution. Like fog, her works move between form and formlessness; like a mirror, they reflect questions back at the viewer or distort the image. In this way they send the viewer on a journey through space toward the horizon—and far beyond. This publication is the first to present Khano’s entire world of images, accompanied by essays by Ulrich Loock, Annika Reich, Helga Lutz, and Marc Glöde.