Hannah Collins The Fragile Feast: Routes to Ferran Adrià

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Texts by: Hannah Collins, Ferran Adrià Edited by: Mark Holborn Graphic Design: Mark Holborn English 2011, 328 Pages, 201 Ills. Hardcover 257mm x 238mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3210-9

The Fragile Feast was born of a creative collaboration between the artist and photographer Hannah Collins (*1956 in London) and Catalan star chef Ferran Adrià and offers scintillating insight into the origins of extraordinary food from different cultures. Collins sought out the original sources of an exclusive selection of around thirty foods and ingredients Adrià uses in his famous restaurant elBulli. The images feature the cultivated landscapes of their origin as well as the physical properties of the respective foods, accompanying them during their transformation into products and their journeys through processing and regional preparation. From edible rose petals to sea anemones, in sensuous photographs and with the aid of vibrantly narrative texts the publication conveys an impression of what is currently considered nutritious and healthy.