Ars Electronica 2011 Origin - wie alles beginnt

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Edited by: Hannes Leopoldseder, Christine Schöpf, Gerfried Stocker Graphic Design: Gerhard Kirchschläger Texts by: Gerfried Stocker u.a. German, English September 2011, 424 Pages, 645 Ills. Softcover 1mm x 1mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3180-5
| Ars Electronica on the Search for the Origin: How and Where it All Begins

The insatiable hunger for knowledge, the desire to turn old knowledge on its head; the yearning to find out where we come from; the longing to give meaning to our existence and to anchor ourselves within the big picture of the universe: these fundamental, essential qualities of humankind are the common sources of art and knowledge.In cooperation with CERN, the international research institute, where over ten thousand scientists from many different nations are attempting to understand the creation of the universe and the origin of all material, Ars Electronica 2011 is working in the world of top level research. It’s also about gaining a new perspective of institutions such as CERN. After all, they are affording room for thought, which is not only indispensible for science, but also urgently needed for the development of plans for sustainable societies.Ars Electronica, Linz, September 1-6, 2011