Max Weiler Der Zeichner

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Texts by: Dr. Michael Semff, Prof. Dr. Edelbert Köb, Regina Doppelbauer, Gottfried Boehm Edited by: Klaus Albrecht Schröder Graphic Design: Maria-Anna Friedl German 2011, 408 Pages, 440 Ills. Hardcover 305mm x 247mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-2997-0
| The Austrian artist’s graphic oeuvre

Artist Max Weiler (1910–2001) not only left behind a multifaceted oeuvre of paintings, he also produced a great number of important drawings. Over a period of more than seventy years he created a body of work estimated to contain close to 3,500 drawings. Executed in almost all sizes and techniques, they express the artist’s individual cosmos—the entanglement of intrinsic and extrinsic nature—in a myriad of ways.This publication provides incisive insight into Weiler’s graphic oeuvre, presenting the development and diversity of the works as well as their relationship to painting. This reciprocal exchange is marked by the transgression and blending of genre boundaries and is illustrated based on selected paintings. Exhibition schedule: Albertina, Vienna, June 10–October 16, 2011