Linea. Vom Umriss zur Aktion Die Kunst der Linie zwischen Antike und Gegenwart

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Texts by: Matthias Haldemann, Julia Gelshorn, Stephan E. Hauser, Michael Lüthy, Raphael Rosenberg, Marco Obrist, Michel Roth Edited by: Kunsthaus Zug Graphic Design: Monika Sommerhalder German November 2010, 320 Pages, 276 Ills. Softcover 247mm x 179mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-2795-2
| Showcasing exemplary works from various epochs and media

The line is a simple, basic element, but as art has developed, the line has proved to be highly versatile and ambiguous. From a strictly scientific standpoint, one can neither see nor touch a line as an imaginary link between two points. Even so, it represents a concept of the visible world and is a product of human thought. New worlds are always emerging out of this modest, fundamental element.The thematic arc of this publication spans antiquity to the present day: from Pliny, Raphael, Dürer, and Pontormo to Edgar Degas, Egon Schiele, Joan Miró, Roman Signer, and Fischli/Weiss. The book features a wide variety of media: drawings, prints, paintings, sculptures, installations, photography, and video. It also highlights outstanding interdisciplinary references by the visual arts to architecture, the applied arts, music, dance, literature, and science. Exhibition schedule: Kunsthaus Zug, November 21,2010–March 27, 2011