Sherrie Levine Pairs and Posses

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Edited by: Dr. Martin Hentschel Foreword: Dr. Martin Hentschel Texts by: Howard Singerman German, English 2010, 96 Pages, 25 Ills. Clothbound 1mm x 1mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-2775-4
| Works fluctuating between irony and homage

Originality, repetition, time, and materiality are concepts crucial to understanding the work of American Conceptualist Sherrie Levine (*1947 in Hazleton, Pennsylvania). She took one of the central ideas of modernism—that of artistic originality—and practically turned it upside down, for example by photographing pictures by Walker Evans directly out of catalogues and then exhibiting them. Each of her works time and again poses questions concerning repetition, difference, copy, and aura, although answers are never provided. Levine plays with the most diverse materials and presentational strategies, in particular in the area of sculpture, which can puzzle the viewer while at the same time promising aesthetic pleasure. This publication, Pairs and Posses, is the first to feature a retrospective of sculptures in twos and threes that not only allude to invisible sources, but also put forward their own counterparts.


Exhibition schedule: Kunstmuseen Krefeld, Museum Haus Lange, October 10, 2010–February 6, 2011