Art to hear: The Total Artwork in Expressionism 1905-1925

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Edited by: Dr. Ralf Beil Graphic Design: KOMA AMOK English November 2010, 58 Pages, 50 Ills. Hardcover, with cd 1mm x 1mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-2727-3
| A fascinating panorama of a colorful epoch, presented in an audio guide and illustrated book

Until now, art history has preferred to deal separately with the various genres of Expressionism, so this original audio guide and illustrated volume for the Gesamtkunstwerk Expressionismus exhibition is the first to really document the remarkable interaction of art, film, literature, theater, dance, and architecture from 1905 to 1925.Featuring around fifty reproductions of Expressionist film masterpieces, as well as theater and art posters, paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures, this audio guide and illustrated book allow the reader to experience the artistic interplay, along with the drastic, yet fascinating fruits of the Expressionist network.