Coverbild "... Nur Papier, und doch die ganze Welt ..."
"... Nur Papier, und doch die ganze Welt ..."
200 Jahre Graphische Sammlung
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Edited by: Staatsgalerie Stuttgart
Texts by: Sean Rainbird, Dr. Corinna Höper
Graphic Design: Bureau Mario Lombardo
, 272 Ills.
ISBN: ----
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| Commemorating the two-hundredth anniversary of the Graphische Sammlung at the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart
From the single-leaf woodcut to the crumpled ball of paper, the handout to the poster, the blockbook to the rare book object: with its circa four hundred thousand works by twelve thousand artists, the Graphische Sammlung at the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart is open to all forms of art made on and with paper. Founded by Frederick I as the Königliches Cabinett der Kupferstiche und Handzeichnungen (Royal Cabinet of Copper Engravings and Hand Drawings), acquisitions, foundations, and gifts have expanded the collection to become one of the most important international collections of works on paper. This year, the Graphische Sammlung is celebrating its two-hundredth anniversary—cause to present a new catalogue of the collection featuring a superb selection from the extensive array of works, from the Gothic to the contemporary, that does not solely concentrate on masterpieces. The volume provides insight into the great personal and public involvement in the preservation and expansion of this important section of the collection at the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart. Exhibition schedule: Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, July 17–November 2, 2010
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