Markus Lüpertz Metamorphosen der Weltgeschichte

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Edited by: Klaus Albrecht Schröder Graphic Design: Maria-Anna Friedl Texts by: Rainer Metzger German, English 2010, 132 Pages, 109 Ills. Hardcover 311mm x 246mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-2631-3
“Art is only there for those who are interested in it. Those who aren’t are out of luck.” Markus Lüpertz | The major motifs in Lüpertz’s work, as seen in his works on paper and clay models

The complexity of the oeuvre of artist Markus Lüpertz (*1941 in Liberec, Bohemia) is conducive to contstantly new ways of exploring it in terms of art history. This publication, which includes an introduction by Rainer Metzger, shifts attention to his fundamental themes: central motifs from all phases of his work are examined based on approximately one hundred works on paper. This aids the reader in understanding Lüpertz’s development as an artist and provides unique insight into the creative approach by this painter, graphic artist, and sculptor. Particular consideration is given to his rarely seen, monumental works on cardboard—whose specific material and haptic qualities have their own individual force of expression—as well as to his ten bozzetti, or models, for his large-scale sculpture Daphne.


Exhibition schedule: Albertina, Vienna, March 11–June 6, 2010