Andreas Slominski

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Edited by: Ingvild Goetz, Karsten Löckemann, Stephan Urbaschek Texts by: Ingvild Goetz, Karsten Löckemann, Stephan Urbaschek, Katharina Vossenkuhl, Dr. Birgit Sonna, Larissa Michelberger Graphic Design: Grafikbüro WIGEL German, English 2010, 144 Pages, 98 Ills. Hardcover 1mm x 1mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-2603-0
| The “traps”, manipulated bicycles and witty interventions by Andreas Slominski

The artistic works of Andreas Slominski (*1959 in Meppen) are among some of the most unusual in contemporary German art. While his pieces from the early nineties still had the dimensions of small sculptures, in recent years they have grown into large installations. From the very beginning, the artist sought to engage in a direct dialogue with the art public. His so-called traps are absurd-looking snares, something between a sculpture and a functional object. His exhibitions feature bicycles, windmills, and found objects and materials taken from everyday life. As Duchamp did before him, Slominski puts ordinary objects into an artistic context in order to make us aware of the process of perceiving art. This monograph is a survey of the artist’s oeuvre from 1996 to the present. Exhibition schedule: Götz Collection, Munich, May 24–September 18, 2010