In Sandro Botticellis geheimnisvoller Werkstatt Ein Buch für Kinder ab 6 Jahren

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Edited by: Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main Texts by: Dr. Chantal Eschenfelder, Anne Sulzbach Graphic Design: Sandra Seibert German November 2009, 20 Pages, 29 Ills. Hardcover 301mm x 236mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-2559-0
| Botticelli’s workshop comes alive: a book full of variety for children six and older

Piero, the youngest apprentice in Sandro Botticelli’s workshop in Florence, tells of his exciting time there: he is allowed to accompany his master to the Medici’s splendid palace, and he finds out that Botticelli himself began his career as an apprentice, mixing paint. Among the paintings in the studio, he discovers one of a man with a horse’s body and learns what was special about this mythical creature. Piero describes the grand tournament and the flag that Botticelli painted especially for the occasion. And finally, he not only unearths the secret of the beautiful woman depicted in so many pictures, he also recognizes himself as an angel in an image of the Madonna. Maybe, if he works very hard, Piero will also one day become a great painter?A vibrant and descriptive account of the events that take place in an artist’s workshop during the Renaissance that is suitable for children.