Coverbild Kunst zum Hören: Kirchner
Kunst zum Hören: Kirchner
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Graphic Design: KOMA AMOK
Narrator: Joachim Kerzel
May 2010 , 44 Pages , 0 Ills.
hardcover, with CD
225mm x 224mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-2554-5
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Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1880–1938), a founding member of the Die Brücke group and one of Expressionism’s most important artists, has had a lasting influence on classic modern art. Now, theStädel Museum is honoring the work of this painter, graphic artist, and sculptor by presenting the first large-scale retrospective in Germany in thirty years.The original audio guide for this important exhibition and its slim companion volume of color plates contain extensive descriptions of about thirty-five works from all of the artist’s creative phases. Starting with the Kirchner collection at the Städel Museum , whose numerous masterpieces make it one of the most substantial in the world, the publication also contains key works from prominent international museums, providing a vivid introduction to Kirchner’s eventful life and his oeuvre. (English edition ISBN 978-3-7757-2555-2) Exhibition schedule: Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main, April 24–July 25, 2010 On this subject a catalogue (German edition ISBN 978-3-7757-2552-1; English edition ISBN 978-3-7757-2553-8) and a publication in the Art to Read series (ISBN 978-3-7757-2526-2) are also available.
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