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Andreas Gefeller
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Edited by: Ernest W. Uthemann
Texts by: Dr. Martin Hochleitner, Roland Nachtigäller, Ernest W. Uthemann
German, English
June 2009 , 130 Pages , 0 Ills.
1mm x 1mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-2446-3
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Expanding on the series Supervisions, begun in 2002, photo artist Andreas Gefeller (*1970) has included new aspects in his original concept. He systematically scans surfaces, most of them in urban space, from a low height by digitally assembling hundreds of individual photographs into monumental images. This visual inventory, which includes meticulous details and spatial contexts, remains without a central focus, oscillating in a disturbing way between two- and three-dimensionality. In his most recent works, Gefeller provides new insight, for instance, by directing the gaze upward, once again heightening the optical illusion, or by using variable factors, such as time and motion, to fracture the perception of a supposedly perfect composition that is correct in terms of perspective. Gefeller ultimately succeeds in depicting the photographic log of what is visible as an impossible notion. Exhibition schedule: Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken, June 6–July 19, 2009 | Forum für zeitgenössische Fotografie at the Münchner Stadtmuseum, 2010 | Landesgalerie Linz,  2010 | Kunsthalle Erfurt, 2011
»‘Andreas Gefeller: Photographs’ is thus the best possible display of ‘Supervisions’ in book form I can think of: an obvious must-buy for anyone interested in contemporary fine-art photography.«
Jörg Colberg
»Gefeller allows his audience to play God.«
»In this elegant publication, German photographer Andreas Gefeller's assemblage images challenge our perceptions of our everyday surroundings and notions of space. [...] Gefeller's work is beautifully presented; printed on heavy paper stock, some of the images fold out to offer an overview and perhaps as close an experience of the large-scale printed work as can be achieved in book form. The images flatten familiar spaces and details, making the prosaic out of the mundane.«
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