Michael Lin

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Texts by: Bruce Grenville, Nicolas Bourriaud, Hou Hanru, Annette Tietenberg, Vivian Rehberg Graphic Design: Gabriele Sabolewski English 2010, 200 Pages, 180 Ills. Hardcover 1mm x 1mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-2429-6
| Lin covers walls and façades with the brightly colored patterns of traditional fabrics from Taiwan

Michael Lin (*1964 inTokyo) orchestrates monumental painting installations that reconceptualize and reconfigure public spaces. Using patterns and designs appropriated from traditional Taiwanese textiles, his work ornaments museum cafés, lobbies, galleries, and façades, transforming the institutional architecture of the public museum. His unconventional paintings invite visitors to reconsider their usual perception of those spaces and to become an integral part of the work, giving meaning to its potential as an arena for interaction and encounter. Lin, educated in the United States, commutes between Brussels, Shanghai, and Taipei, and his work reflects the influence of those diverse sites of cultural production and his movement between them.This publication is the first comprehensive overview of Lin’s practice and includes texts by Bruce Grenville as well as other internationally based curators and writers who have worked with Lin in the past, such as Nicolas Bourriaud, Hou Hanru, Annette Tietenberg, and Vivian Rehberg. Exhibition schedule: Vancouver Art Gallery, January 23–May 2, 2010

»The resulting works are energetic, beautiful, and even poemic, and they often contrast starkly with their environments. Lin's reintroduction of ornamental elements into the world of contemporary art from which they are often excluded has been a fresh and provocative strategy.«