Richard Paul Lohse. Drucke Dokumentation + Werkverzeichnis

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Edited by: Richard Paul Lohse-Stiftung Texts by: Felix Wiedler, Hans Joachim Albrecht, Johanna Lohse James German, English Januar 2009, 472 Pages, 1130 Ills. Clothbound 310mm x 245mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-2309-1

Richard Paul Lohse is one of the founders of systematic-constructive art in the twentieth century. This second volume of the catalogue raisonné is devoted to his works on paper: 172 original prints and multiples, created between 1940 and 1987. This book is not only an indespensable standard reference for all scholars, art dealers, and collectors, it also provides detailed accounts of Lohse’s collaboration with publishers, printers, and fellow artists. The chapters shed light on personalities, institutions, and events that were to have a lasting impact on the course of artistic culture inSwitzerland and Europe. The color illustrations are not confined to the complete prints, but include project-related printed matter, in most cases likewise designed by Lohse. This book also affords new insights into Lohse’s work both with and on color and the complex interrelations between prints, paintings, and drawings.