Die Geschichte einer Reise Briefe aus Venedig von Alice und Claude Monet

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Edited by: Philippe Piguet Foreword: Philippe Piguet German August 2008, 112 Pages, 28 Ills. Hardcover 247mm x 172mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-2264-3
“Monet has already got twelve canvases and is becoming more and more passionate . . .” (Alice Monet in a letter to her daughter Germaine Salerou)

From September 30 to December 13, 1908, exactly one hundred years ago, Claude Monet (1840–1926) and his wife Alice sojourned in Venice. “Too beautiful to paint,” were the artist’s words upon their arrival in the City of Bridges. However, he soon began working with enthusiasm on views of Venice, which were later celebrated by critics as “colorful, brilliant holidays.” In their daily correspondence, the couple gave accounts of their travels. While Claude Monet wrote to friends and dealers, Alice primarily wrote intimate letters to their daughter Germaine Salerou in which she described her husband’s work on his Venice cycle, which remains extremely popular to this day. Her personal lines capture the atmosphere of the city and the deep impression it made upon her during their ten-week stay.
The letters in this volume have been selected by Philippe Piguet, Germaine Salerou’s grandchild. Supplemented by historical photographs, they provide a vivid reflection of a great artist’s encounter with the Queen of the Adriatic and are unique testimonies to twentieth-century art.