Coverbild Forty Are Better Than One
Forty Are Better Than One
Edition Schellmann 1969 - 2009
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Edited by: Jörg Schellmann
Contributions: Julienne Lorz
Texts by: Wendy Weitman
November 2009 , 456 Pages , 0 Ills.
326mm x 257mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-2236-0
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Edition Schellmann has been producing books on international contemporary art since 1969. The spectrum of artists ranges from great names of the second half of the twentieth century—such as Beuys, Christo, Judd, Kounellis, Paik, and Warhol—to outstanding representatives of the contemporary art scene—like Almond, Demand, Hatoum, Gillick, Morris, Ruff, Sierra, and Tuymans. The variety of media and techniques is just as diverse—from prints or photographs on paper and mixed media objects made of steel, aluminum, glass, plastic, or wood to large-format wall art.With about nine hundred color illustrations, this volume documents the development of the internationally renowned Edition Schellmann, which began with editions of prints and multiples and now publishes limited-edition books on a wide range of contemporary art. Including works by 150 artists, it presents the forty-year history of Edition Schellmann and provides crisp insight into art developments from the seventies to the present day.
»As a whole, this illustrated volume is a useful amalgamation of the traditional print catalogue raisonné combined with a more populist ‘coffee table’ book, which will certainly broaden its appeal beyond print aficionados and offers a useful overview of the changing faces and attitudes towards prints and editions over the last 40 years.«
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