Toni Schneiders Fotografie

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Edited by: Landesmuseum Koblenz Texts by: Christoph Bauer, Ulrich Pohlmann, J. A. Schmoll gen. Eisenwerth German, English 2008, 208 Pages, 141 Ills. Hardcover 1mm x 1mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-2182-0
“His imagination and passion have made Toni Schneiders one of the best post-war German photographers . . .” (Ulrich Pohlmann)

Toni Schneiders (1920–2006) was one of the most important photographers in Germany after 1945. He was primarily known as a member of the group Fotoform, which he co-founded with Otto Steinert, Peter Keetman, Siegfried Lauterwasser, Wolfgang Reisewitz, and Ludwig Windstosser in 1949. Schneiders’s photographs are distinguished by their clear compositional form and their focus on essentials. He was very deliberate in his choice of lighting and with the eye of a sensitive painter, captured clear images and select characteristics. This volume, now reissued in a bilingual edition, is a comprehensive document of Schneider’s life’s work. It includes his famous works from the Fotoform era, the pictures taken during his travels since the fifties, and his many photographs of nature, technology, and people. Exhibition schedule: Museum Bad Arolsen, February 23–April 27, 2008 · Additional venues: Stadtmuseum Münster; Städtische Galerie im Fruchtkasten, Ochsenhausen