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Western Architects and City Planners in China
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Author: Xin Lu
Foreword: Dieter Hassenpflug
, 36 Ills.
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A competent, practical guide for all architects and urban planners who want to succeed in planning and realizing their projects in China.
China has become the largest building market in the world, attracting countless architects and urban planners from the West. However, it is not easy for Western experts on this foreign construction site—nor is it easy for the Chinese experts they work with. In the process of intercultural planning and doing business, their different cultural and social backgrounds lead to a variety of misunderstandings and problems. Chinese architect Xin Lu, who studied in China and Germany and is currently working in a German architectural office on a Chinese construction project, has created this handbook based on interviews and conversations with architects, urban planners, and academics from Europe and China, as well as with Chinese clients. Five chapters deal with such topics as the differences between East and West in terms of communication and their conceptual and working methods, as well as those between processes of creating designs or business practices. This volume is full of valuable advice that will facilitate intercultural cooperation.
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