Joachim Fleischer Über_licht

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Texts by: Thomas Köllhofer, Joachim Fleischer, Jean-Baptiste Joly, Iris Meinhardt u.a. Edited by: Kunsthalle Mannheim, Galeria Miejska BWA Bydgoszcz German, English, Polish 2005, 136 Pages, 112 Ills. Softcover, with dvd 290mm x 222mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-1692-5

For light artist Joachim Fleischer light is both material and subject, especially in its purest form as white light. While in his early work he concentrated on moving linear light sources, for the past few years he has used industrial robots to move light in space. Light, shadow, movement, and projection are his means. This publication and DVD present not only works created for exhibition spaces, but also the installations of site-specific and staged works in which the artist took on the role of director. Exhibition schedule: Kunsthalle Mannheim, opening July 15, 2005