Francis Alÿs Walking Distance from the Studio

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Edited by: Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg Foreword: Gijs van Tuyl Texts by: Annelie Lütgens German, English September 2004, 160 Pages, 80 Ills. Hardcover 292mm x 193mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-1541-6
The F.A.Z newspaper has dubbed Francis Alÿs as one of the most unpretentious stars of a new "Art of Action" This volume presents an up-to-date reflection on his subversive, often political works.

The ephemeral-the temporary, fleeting character of life-is a central principle in the art of Francis Als's explorations of public space and social conditions in Mexico City are the primary focus of this lavishly illustrated publication. It features his Ambulantes (1992-2002), a slide series devoted to the itinerant street merchants of the Mexican megacity, and thus offers fascinating insights into the most recent work of Francis Alÿs, recipient of the first blueOrange Art Prize, awarded in 2004. Exhibition schedule: Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, September 4-November 28, 2004